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First off, who are you to infer my seriousness about this issue? You have no idea who I am, and have no right to judge me on a single comment I left on your page. I am a native New Yorker and was there during the attacks. I was most likely much closer to the events of 9/11 than you were. I have friends that lost both their parents in the attack. I know full well what happened and the intent of the terrorists and I support the proliferation of a conscious effort to prevent this from happening again. But I feel that the Presidency has systematically become imperial (This dates back to FDR) and the current administration steps out of the bounds of Federalist principles that our founding fathers believed in. The Presidency has so much power that it is very hard to check it's overstep of authority, especially when many of the President’s actions are well hidden through the chaos that is partisan politics and clandestine actions in the name of national security. I think that the American public puts too much support around the President to the point that the President has much more power than the Congress and the Judiciary combined in very substantial aesthetic as well as non-aesthetic ways. The President uses his executive privilege to classify thousands of documents having to do with his actions, so it is near impossible for normal citizens like you and me (I assume you’re not part of the decision-making process of our government, but you may well be in some way. I’m sorry if my inference is incorrect) to really take a stance on the administration’s actions. We’re only able to make our decisions based on incoherently fragmented news coverage, spinsters such as yourself and the party platform, which is utopian idealist garbage coming from both parties. I will not listen to the useless rhetoric that you spew about how inhumane the terrorists are or how we're in a world war, because it is nothing but self-serving propaganda. Don't give me a hyperbole and call it truth. No one is infallible, if the President oversteps his authority or acts with ill guided judgment, then I think that it is prudent that somebody make an effort to stop him. I think you need to go back to history class. The federal bureaucracy has never been 100 percent cooperative with the President's agenda. It’s ridiculous to say that the State Department is treasonous because some people in it don't like the direction our Administration is heading. Now I’m not one to say that the President is completely wrong or that everything he does is evil or anything like that, but to stifle any sort of scholarly debate or informed resistance (at least more informed then we could possibly be), by calling it treason is counterproductive.

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