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Deb Gianola

Dear Fellow Patriots,

A good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit (Matt 7:18). It is time you opened your eyes and thoughtfully absorb the consequences of supporting an administration for partisan, patriotic, or even religious purposes. I am sure that many of you who have staunchly defended these leaders have done so for altruistic purposes. However, there comes a point in time that one must sincerely consider, critique, and act upon facts rather than rhetoric.

How can any of you believe that George W. Bush is a man of God when the fruits of this man’s presidency are burning before our eyes? He has lied from day one of his candidacy for 2000, beginning with his claims of being a “Compassionate Conservative,” and a “Uniter, not a Divider,” and he continues to lie. Has America been a good neighbor under this administration? Have we been good world citizens? I would argue that we have not. We have not considered the innocent people of Iraq in our calculations, under the leadership of an administration that contradicts itself as it claims, “We are the liberators of Iraq,” while telling us that “We’d rather fight them over there.” We have not considered the brave patriots that we have squandered in our battle of false premise. We have not thoughtfully scrutinized not only the devastating impact upon the Middle East, but the impact that these actions have and will ultimately continue to have on American families. What happened to the good-will of the entire world for our country? They have not been wise stewards.

When will this man be held accountable for his lies and the devastating consequences of those lies? There was courage upon the “Hill” to impeach a president guilty of personal indiscretions, personal dishonesty, but when it comes to a president and his administration that has cost this world unquantifiable hardship and a disturbing loss of life that continues to unfold; cowardice is the mode of operation.

Our political leaders have used their pens to send our bravest citizens into what has now become a nest of barbarity while tacitly encouraging savagery that has already cost our soldiers and their families dearly. Why? They have flagrantly dismissed the rules of war and have consistently strived to circumvent the Constitution that they claim to defend. Why? They said is was to protect us. That was a lie. They said it was to liberate. That was a lie.

Are you going to be complacent in this struggle? We are fighting for more than the prevention of terrorism—we are fighting for our true moral purpose in this world. And I ask you, what is it that you think the moral purpose of our country is? Is it to bear good fruit, or is it to complacently rally our leaders regardless of their actions or the consequences of those actions?

We must fight with our pens now—pick up your pen for this country. Pick up your pen for our service men and women; pick up your pen in opposition to greed, in opposition to arrogance, in opposition to deceit, and in opposition to the oppression of our neighbors. This administration must be held accountable.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

A Tax Paying Citizen of the
United States of America

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