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Should one really create a mound of a small media entity dubbed as the 'little matchbox' when compared with CNN and Fox News in size or budget?

It is fine to keep a watchful eye and take appropriate action if objectionable views have been found. But gagging a channel like Aljazeera which consists of acclaimed professionals like Dave Marash, David Frost and Steven Cole is like doubting others' intentions not backed by any sound evidence. The proof comes only AFTER seeing what AJE is or isn't about.

Besides, all Americans have a right to alternate opinion. More so, when owing to movement restrictions on US media in Iraq, security risks and language barriers for American expatriates and diplomats there is limited interaction to gather facts says an ex-Press attache. Robert J. Callahan told AJR that out of 1000 personnel at US mission in Baghdad, only 7 are fluent in Arabic. Those advocating for accuracy in media should clarify if they put their weight behind to support the Americans in getting a pluralistic picture on ground. Those who call for restricting plurality of opinion deny the option of diversity and deprive the US audience to ascertain the accuracy of facts for themselves.


I hvae been watchong Al jazeera since launched...I have seen quite positve and refreshing.Let the public decide by themselves such propoganda againt ALjazeera is how it has made its fame

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