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Charles Slakan

Khomeini' power was a direct
product of the Shah's corrupt and brutal government.
Their secret police could rival any SS squad.
Who is worst president in my opinion?
Two of the worst, Bush Sr. close to impeachment, whose relatives and administration were party to one of the biggest bank frauds in history, the S&L banks.
Bush Jr. who had an opportunity in Afghanistan but left for oil rich Iraq.
Presently, the Taliban are resurging financed with record opium crops.
The Iraq invasion is spawning new kids that will be part of the future radical Islam.
If the treatment of the Iraqi people has been no better than our soldiers here at Walter Reid than it's not hard to believe that their unhappy people.
What happened to all that money we have pumped into Iraq? Bush'es buddies Halliburtin and friends profiteered.
They don't care about the future radical Islamist, they will have their own Shavlik police to murder those that threat.
No bargaining with drug companies, record invaders( 11 milion or more0 unchecked coming into the US despite what happened in 911.
Banks dealing with people who have no identification that is legal, record deficits, oh yes, tax cuts.
Tax cuts and subsidies for sugar planters who pollute our Everglades and flood it or dry it at will, oil companies who in spite of supposed oil shortages and hurricanes that show reoord profits.
the tax cuts are not free, they get financed and one day your kids will have to pay for them and every other scam and subsidy for these private companies.
The tax cuts come off before the net profit, is it any small wonder that profits are out of the roof.
Many companies get the tax breaks, millions, or billions and basically most of their employees are not even in this country.
Bush Jr.'s administration frought with lies and deception is going to be the worst administration, maybe in history!
Finally the oil companies said the oil would be going up because the refineries are not able to keep up and many are old, okay?
Why then are they getting tax cuts when they are not investing into new capital, that is new refineries?
They haven't invested in years.
many other companies are the same, Cisco is in China helping the communist to put people into prison, the antithesis of what AMERICA used to stand for, but still collect them tax cuts.
Carter may have been bad, but one thing you probably don't know unlike Bush, both of them put together and Cheney, he is a very smart man!
He can't hold a candle to nay of these in terms of lying, conniving, and deception!

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