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Charles Slakan

First, Mexicans who believe that the southwest of USA belongs to them are not being historically correct!
There is no dispute that the Conquistadores claimed the Southwest for Spain, and subsequently to Mexico after Maximillian was ousted.
Aside the fact that Mexico got their tails tore up and ceded those territories to the USA, the Comanches and
Apaches affectively stopped possession by all claimants until the US Army finally was able to subdue those tribes.
Possession is an important part of this claim, and Mexico was not EVER able to take possession under any government from these Indians who hated them. They had always robbed, murdered and looted from them even after treaties with the US were signed.
But have the Mexicans decided to return much of Mexico back to the Mayans, Aztec and Toltec, or even the Yaquis?
Why should these illegals get any different treatment than any other immigrant who has been going through
our Immigration Department?
You mean to tell me that if one or to people broke into your home, you would help them out with your kids educational funds, their food, their future?
How does it sound then if 100 illegals decided to rest in your house, use your families resources while they were doing you a favor, working and sending the money home to Mexico?
So I think what the deal is because there are 100, instead of 1 or 2, that means put the law aside for them that YOU certainly haven't been doing for American Citizens!
Say their kids are Americans because they were dropped here.
The laws that these alien
associations refer to that supposedly supports the rights of their kids born here to be citizens, refer to a case of a Chinese Man that lived here obviously, legally before he returned to China.
The question of whether his rights to be ab American citizen was covered by the 14th amendment.
The bottom line in this case is that congress has had the authority to implement immigration laws
from the start, and that's exactly what happened, Immigration laws were put into place when someone thought settlement had come to its conclusion.
Subsequently, those immigration laws dictated our immigration policy. If in fact the immigration laws had no authority, then
what exactly is the purpose of those?
The Constitution does not guarantee all people unalieanable rights, rather for AMERICAN CITIZENS.
Congress has the duty to protect states from INVASIONS according to the US Constitution.
I would say 100 invaders in my house or 11 or 20 million aliens can certainly be seen, even by a child, as an INVASION.
I have heard these alien sympathizers whine about the word, "alien".
I wasn't referring to the idol worshippers,Catholic Church, Kennedy, the Democrats. Banks and anyone else who stands to benefit from this travesty, but the Hispanic Lefts.
The word alien preceeded ET and is written into our Constitution, it means foreign, invaders, not American Citizens or here with an invitation!

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