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Fred Thompson is the only one running that Truly believes in the Constitution of the United States as the Founders intended it.
He will fight for our rights he will make sure we have Supreme Court Justices that will not interpret the constitution away but will enforce it as it was written to be.
He has a Presidential air about him and shows confidence which will be needed when dealing with Foreign dignitaries and Governments.
He will support our Troops and not lst the the American people what a Sacrifice all of them and their families have and are making. He will not let those that have Died Die in Vain. He will find a way to make Americant Solvent and Respected in the world AGAIN... Vote FRED THOMPSON!!!!!!!!!!

Snarking Dawg

Fred Thompson needs to run. He is intelligent. He is articulate. He excites the base. He can debate and destroy Dems. He appeals to disaffected Dems. He looks Presidential. He sounds Presidential. His only negative is the delay in announcing.

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