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We always have time enough , if we will but use it aright.

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We always have time enough , if we will but use it aright.

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Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.

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Terrific article! Yes, the world can be simply divided by left and right. It's not oversimplified at all. Why are so many people emigrating to our country if it's nasty, hateful, arrogant etc? No answer for that.

Rick Wiser

I would like to thank Eric Westerfeld for his comments. There are many who agree with his comments, I for one. Well said.

informed lawyer

"'Yes We Can' - 'Crises' Used as Pretense for EURO-Socialist Global Governance Wealth Redistribution - 'Change We Can Believe In'"

ITSSD Journal on Economic Freedom at:

''Yes We Can' - 'Crises' Used as Pretense for EURO-Socialist Global Governance-based Wealth Redistribution - 'Change We Can Believe In'"


I. Introduction

II. European and Certain U.S. Leaders Are Using the Exaggerated Climate 'Crisis' as a Pretense for Strict New Global Governance Wealth Redistribution Regulations to Save the World from the Enviromental Externalities 'Triggered' by Anglo-American Market-based Capitalism

III. European and Certain U.S. Leaders Have Characterized the Current Financial 'Crisis' as One of Capitalism', and Are Using it as a Pretense to Reform Global Financial Markets as Part of an Overall Effort to Create a NEW Global Governance Regime Intended to 'Save' Anglo-American Market-based Capitalism From Itself'

IV. European and Certain U.S. Leaders Have Called for Global Financial Governance Reforms Based on Feared Similarities Between the Causes of 19th Century Globalization and the Current Era of Globalization. Certain U.S. Leaders Also Seek to Use This 'Crisis' as an Opportunity to Complete Their Long-Term 'European Experiment' Gone Awry

V. List of Sources (set forth below in order of appearance)


I. Introduction:

The following articles demonstrate efforts being undertaken by current and former public officials in Europe and the United States to sensationalize and exploit 'CRISES' (both real - financial and exaggerated - climate change) to justify the imposition, at the national, regional and global levels, of more public regulation of private economic activities. This pretense for more governmental control of peoples' private economic lives is NOT CONDITIONED ON the need to establish reasonable and fair 'rule of law' substantive and procedural benchmarks (verifiable empirical science, economic cost-benefit analysis, political checks and balances/balance of powers - accountability, transparency and 'due process) for the public benefit and consistent with individual rights. Unfortunately, the strict rules and regulations called for will, no doubt, impair individual rights and national sovereignty. They also fall outside the requirements of due process, transparency and political accountability which are guaranteed to ALL U.S. citizens by the U.S. Constitution and its accompanying Bill of Rights.

These 'leaders' implore their public constitutents to simply 'trust' in their knowledge, judgment, foresight and grandiose 'reputations' when, in reality, it is precisely their LACK OF wisdom, knowledge, foresight, sincerity and judgment that we all should be suspect of and concerned about!

NO. The burden is on governmental officials to present to the public credible evidence that substantiates and differentiates the real risks from the potential but remote hazards they have exaggerated, and which they claim must be reduced or eliminated (i.e., problems they wish to solve) immediately. If they are unable to prove that there is an urgent problem that necessitates 'fixing' in the first place AND that their recommended solutions to the problem identified provide the best 'fix' at 'the least cost' to individuals' political and economic rights, especially that of exclusive private property, then they CANNOT go forward with their proposals and/or recommendations, for they will NOT have the consent of the governed.

In the United States, the legitimacy of the 'rule of law' and the license to be governed by all branches of the U.S. Government, including the Executive, Legislative AND Judicial branches, derives from the consent of the American people. Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln clearly recognized that the American nation was: 1) "conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal"; 2) uniquely and flexibly structured to serve the needs and interests of both the individual and the American people as a whole; and 3) one in which the government is constrained (limited) by the 'rule of law' (rather than based upon the 'rule of men'), founded on the universal principles set forth within the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and its accompanying Bill of Rights. It is worth repeating to these 'leaders' that, the U.S. Government has long derived its legitimacy ONLY from the consent of the governed - i.e., the American people. THIS IS NOT EUROPE, WHERE THE PEOPLE DERIVE THEIR RIGHTS FROM THE GRACE OF THE GOVERNMENT!!

Arguably, the governing documents of the United States are as unique in today's world as they were when they were adopted during the 18th Century. The U.S. nation remains the oldest and most stable form of representative democracy (a true republic) in the world today. Thus, it would immeasurably benefit peoples around the world (but not perhaps their elitist leaders and governments) if these documents served as the framework for a new global 'rule of law' system of Governance 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People'.

According to one European legal expert:

"The purpose of the rule of law is to tame the discretionary power of government and thus enable individuals to pursue their private ends in efficiency-friendly way[s]. On the other hand, the rule of men is about the power of the ruling group to make discretionary changes in the pursuit of its own ends. A major difference between the rule of law and the rule of men is that the rule of law requires a well-defined, stable and credible process by which formal rules can be changed. In a rule of men state, changes in formal rules are a vehicle through which the ruling group seeks its ends."

For example,

"...the European regulators’ historical inclination is to subjugate individual rights and freedoms to “social obligations” and “socially beneficial” causes." International law experts agree that European citizens are deemed to enjoy only a positive implied conditional right to private property that is highly subject to “collective power” and the “public interest”— that is, the “general will.”

"[T]he constitutional rights of European citizens have long been viewed as “positive rights” granted by the state to the people, rather than as “negative rights” of the people recognized by the state."

"A brief review of German legal and political history is quite revealing. According to Humboldt University law professor Dieter Grimm, the constitutions and bills of rights previously enacted by successive German monarchs were intended to preserve the legitimacy and survival of their dynasties, and little more. As a result, they created “positive” rather than “negative” rights that subsequently failed to endure the political whims of national parliaments and to secure consent from short-term-minded monarchs and unelected bureaucracies." Id., at note 17, at 4.

By comparison,

"One purpose of the American Revolution, therefore, was to strengthen and protect the people’s fundamental rights. Consequently, fundamental rights “could from the very beginning be negative rights” that served primarily to protect individuals from the government . . . . In contrast . . . the inclusion of positive rights in German law can be traced to the fact that European constitutions, unlike the U.S. Constitution, did not establish an entirely new political entity because the nation-state existed before the constitutions emerged. This meant “they never changed the tradition of the state,” and part of this saved tradition, especially in Germany, was that “the state always retained the role of being the representative of the higher aspirations of society”.....


If America was the greatest country in the world, it would rank first on the UN Human Development Index. It doesn't. In 2007 it came 12th.

Johnny B

I'm English, i don't hate America, there are many good intelligent American people out there. You are not one of them. That a country could be simply divided into lefts and rights is over simplifying thing dramatically, and that a county would elect a leader based on whether or not they hate America is just plain arrogant. 'The left' are not the ones that make people hate America, thats all down to idiots like you, you need to pull your head out of your countries arse.

ben disraeli

Im british and i can tell you that over here the general opinion is that america sucks.
The reason why we think this?
Because of idiots like you. You seem to think that your country is in some way blessed by god! In truth your a nation of gun wielding fast food eating religious idiots and expect everybody to love you.
I say get lost america the world hates you!


Where do you come from? Im from NZ and have lived in Europe/Russia/China for several years. Never been to the USA, well three times to LA airport and the pollution, depressing and shambolic nature of the place and the very unfriendly officials has not inspired me to go and see the country proper.

The people of the world dont hate America, let alone the lefties, the people of the world hate the ignorant, greedy american capitalists, all all those idiotic young americans that think the answer to everything is to blow it up, and this criminal and corrupt government.

There is something very wrong with the States these days. You are insular in your veiw of the world, you have broken the international rule of law which is highly immoral (WW2 vets, holocaust victims would roll in their graves)you avoid the pressing issue of global climate change. Once a great country, but your capitalist ways are now tipping over board, your greed is shown by your enormous consumption. your inequality, and your huge pollution levels are a sign that the great capitilist experiment is failing...democracy, equality and sustainability need to be brought to the forefront of american politics and then you might lead the world again


alot of questions come up about america...some say its say its goal is for more land some say they just want to have the appreciation of other nations. alot of americans think america is hated upon becuase of our technology...well thats not true america isnt the only place where advanced technologies roam. especially in the military..thats just media hype and arrogance.



Informed Lawyer

The reason why the US is the greatest country in the world has to do with its unique Constitution, our unique checks and balances system of representative government, and our unique recognition and protection of exclusive private property as the basis of the American free enterprise system.

This system IS under attack from an enlarging European Union, led by the old Franco-German Alliance with grand global ambitions.

There is much information about this effort on the ITSSD Journal on Economic Freedom (url above). There are also three other ITSSD Journals of interest:

The New & Improved ITSSD Journal on the UN Law of the Sea Convention, at:

The ITSSD Journal on Intellectual Property, at:

The ITSSD Journal on Pathological Communalism, at: .

And more ITSSD Journals are now in production to provide the public with much needed information about the evolving state of international economic, science & technology law.

Joe Godfrey

Great post! They say, actions speak louder than words. There are around $750,000 applications each year to become a U.S. citizen, more than any other country. However, only about 400 people each year give up their U.S. citizenship. Those number speak much louder than the "hate America first" guy that commented on this post.

America isn't perfect, no country is or ever has been. But, we are the greatest country the world has ever known. We've done more good than bad and we have the ability to do much more.

Keep spreading the word about how great America is!

Eric Westerfeld

You morons have outsourced over 50 million jobs, you have displaced our own technology sector workers with cheap foreign workers from China and India, frightening off U.S. students from engineereing and software development, you have outsourced our most critical technology, you have defrauded and cheated consunsumers into buying bogus loans and other investments ruining them. Now, the dollar is just at about $1.50 to a Euro, OPEC is seriously considering pegging the price of oil to the dollar, and inflation is about to become a vicious monster that will utterly destroy the Middle Class. Every critical piece of our infrastructure is made offshore, now. We no longer have a manufacturing sector that amounts to anything. Everything from the wire in our homes, to the paint, carpeting, and every appliance is made somewhere other than the U.S. Those cheap labor market costs have now passed the ever declining U.S. dollar. So a vicious cycle of increasing prices, stagnating or even lower wages and benefits (except for public sector employees!), rising unemployment, coupled with the oh so uncompfortable ancillary rising divorce and crime rates, is going to wreck the U.S. economy and take a lot of our social infrastructure right along with it. The advocates of outsourcing and “free trade” are going to (rightfully) take the blame for this and I would expect to see more than a few criminal trials, wealthy brokers taking up residence in Dubai, and more than a little violence directted at the wealth and their families that did this. Essentially, you swine took a country, an entire people, and you broke it, wrecked it. Now you get to reap the wind for that!

Informed Lawyer

Speaking about Western Europe, its penchant for top-down centralized planning and its desire to subjugate America to the UN environment centric sustainable development juggernaut...

Precautionus Principilitis:
A Psychosocial Disorder Causing Luddite Psychobabble ©

By Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq. and Robert Stein, PhD [1]*

Precaution as a Way of Life

The moral, social and environmental cognoscenti of the new communitarian[2] movement for global governance hold the precautionary principle as a doctrinal article of faith. The philosophy advocates a ‘Better Safe than Sorry’ ethos to modern day living. One public relations expert remarked several years ago that Europe’s unilateral efforts to establish the precautionary principle as an absolute global legal standard reflects a deeper institutional and cultural aversion to risk not found in the United States. Sharp demographic differences between the two powers appear to support this fact; “European electorates are aging must faster than America’s, making Europeans more risk averse.”[3] As a result, geriatric Europeans reflexively fear the myriad uncertainties surrounding new technologies and industrial processes, especially unfathomable risks that populate the distant future, and potentially affect their health and environment, even though no actual proof of imminent risk of harm is present. Because of this fear, European elites and like-minded American Europhiles argue that such advances should be shunned, even if it means grinding global societal progress to a halt.


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