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Why does this party-line voting plan sound like a scam invented by the karl roves of this world...
This is the problem we need to resolve with the uninvolved American voter.

Pro life and pro choice are merely items on a resume',,, that immediately go to the back burner once a candidate is elected. This includes all wedge issues.....

It is a job that profits from influence only,, and the kickbacks a politician can arrange for his friends and family, as well as future employers.

If we vote on party lines alone,, we don't know if we're electing Jesus
or the Imperial Wizard.

After seeing all these problems in this decade,,,
I can see what happens when like minded Republicans get together and dominate control of the federal government...

Do you see how a majority of the problems concern the poor and middle class,,
These win/win situations for the rich are destroying everything we love about this country.

Forgive them Father,,,

Bring your own redemption when you come,,,,

To the barricades of heaven, of where I'm from.

Things we have in common,,
cannot be counted....

The things that divide us,

Do the Math....


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