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Jennifer the Republican

We're hoping that you make a comeback for the 2012 election! I'd love to see you comment on some of the articles posted on this blog:

Keith Pounds

Just stumbled across your blog and, considering the content, I'd like to hear your take on some of the issues I've addressed in mine.

scott huminski

Obama's Sotomayor - Supremely Ignorant and a Supreme Criminal

Online book details the ignorance and outright criminal behavior of Barak Obama's First appointment to the Supreme Court. An appointee that will impact Americans for decades.

Details at:

Especially chapters 9, 11 and 12 although the entire book details evidence presented to Sotomayor of massive corruption and crime in Howard Dean's Vermont that she chose to endorse. Her behavior is criminal and violates the ethical rules governing the conduct of both judges and attorneys.

Sotomayor should be impeached.

scott huminski

Howard Dean's Police State of Vermont, Sotomayor and Government Crime
book preview

Michael Thomas


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Seeing is believing...


Hello, my name is Charles. I am a college student who is an intern collaborating on a project called Shadow DC. This is the first political art project that you can actually vote for in November.This has turned into a real candidacy for DC’s non-voting senate seat.

Para-military forces from DC and Virginia are engaged in a battle which will decide the shape of our nation’s capitol to come. D. Lincoln Ober is the only candidate who promises to expose the government’s effort to cover up what’s now being called The Potomac War.

May you please join supporters at


go visit here then tell me what you think

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